Military Heritage

July 2019

Volume 21, No. 1

Cover: A soldier from the 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters.
Painting by Don Troiani/Private Collection/Bridgeman Images

U.S. Navy Helldiver aircraft attack the Japanese battleship Musashi in the Sibuyan Sea during the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Painting by Sam L. Massette.

July 2019

Military Heritage

Battle of Sibuyan Sea

By John Wukovits

In warfare, desperate times call for desperate measures, and in the fall of 1944 the empire of Japan found itself in precisely that predicament. Read more

Battle of North Anna

July 2019

Military Heritage

Sharp Clash at North Anna

By David A. Norris

Dripping wet Union soldiers stepped out of the North Anna River’s Jericho Ford on May 22, 1864, setting foot in Hanover County, Virginia. Read more

July 2019

Military Heritage, Editorial

Lost Opportunity Along the North Anna River

The dirt roads leading from Spotsylvania toward the North Anna River 20 miles to the south were choked with blue-uniformed Union troops and gray-clad Confederate troops on May 21, 1864. Read more

ww2 elefant tank destroyer

July 2019

Military Heritage, Weapons

The Elefant Tank Destroyer

By John E. Spindler

It is dusk on July 17, 1943. The Red Army has not only withstood Hitler’s Operation Citadel to eliminate the Kursk salient, but it has launched its own offensive. Read more

July 2019

Military Heritage, Soldiers

Soldiers: Quanah Parker

By Mike Phifer

Spread out and turn the horses north to the river,”  Quanah Parker shouted to his fellow warriors. It was the late 1860s and Parker was part of a war party that had swooped down on isolated ranches and farms near Gainesville, Texas. Read more

July 2019

Military Heritage, Intelligence

Duke Philip III of Burgundy’s Near East Espionage

By William E. Welsh

Duke Philip III “The Good” of Burgundy took responsibility in the early 15th century for overseeing intelligence missions to the Near East to assess the strength of the Ottoman Empire relative to the relief of the beleaguered Byzantines, as well as the possible recovery of Jerusalem. Read more