By Christopher Miskimon

Alexander the Great was a commander without equal in the annals of military history. He not only excelled in both strategy and tactics, but also mastered irregular warfare in the rugged lands southwestern Asia.

Yet he did not win his victories alone. His skilled heavy infantry used their long spears with devastating effect. The Hypaspists, who constituted Alexander’s bodyguard, showed an allegiance to him that eclipsed their loyalty to their tribe. They were elite infantry that defended the flanks of his phalanx formations. Alexander used his infantry to pin the enemy in place while his heavy cavalry maneuvered to breach and disrupt the enemy’s line of battle. Alexander also used a siege train that enabled him to capture every city he besieged. Alexander spent most of his reign campaigning, and his powerful and veteran army enabled him to conquer any foe in his path.

The author brings every element of Alexander’s troops to light in this new book. He covers the army’s recruitment, weapons, and armor. He also discusses at length its organization, tactics, and capabilities. Each chapter of the book explores a different aspect of the Macedonian army. Even the relatively unknown Greek naval forces are given detailed examination, as are Alexander’s key allies.

The Army of Alexander the Great (Stephen English, Pen and Sword Books, South Yorkshire UK, 2022, 164 pp., photographs, notes bibliography, index, $26.96, softcover)