By Joseph Luster

Every time a new version of World of Tanks is released I get the opportunity to remind myself that I’m really bad at World of Tanks. The latest to be fully available to the public is World of Tanks on PlayStation 4, which recently had a December 4-6 beta weekend timed to coincide with the PlayStation Experience event. The beta event came and went as smoothly as one could hope, with all participants receiving an exclusive PlayStation 20th anniversary M22 Locust Premium U.S. light tank as a bonus gift for joining the fight.

As for the game itself, anyone who has played World of Tanks before will be right at home with this version. The visuals make the transition to Sony’s platform wonderfully, with each available map truly shining on the console. I tried out a few large-scale battles over the beta weekend, and was both delighted and dismayed at how good everyone already was!

Free-to-Play on Every Platform

That’s okay, though, because it also means teamwork was on point for the majority of the festivities, with bonuses implemented to reward even the most basic of strategic assistance. It’s hard to feel completely useless in a match when the postgame breakdown shows that one of your teammates might not have been able to take down an enemy tank had you not sacrificed yourself just to spot it in the first place.

At this point World of Tanks is available on pretty much every platform, and it’s as free to play as ever on PlayStation 4. You don’t even need a PlayStation Plus membership to play this one online, so everyone with a PSN account will be able to get in on the action when the full version launches.

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