WWII Quarterly Summer 2018

The German Channel Dash

By Mark Simmons

“To cap it all, down came the fog, the sort you sometimes get at sea—one minute clear, the next in a fog bank—so we relied on our radar a lot. Read more

siege of Leningrad

WWII Quarterly Summer 2018

Savage Struggle for Leningrad

By Blaine Taylor

Leningrad was the sacred city of Soviet Communism.  The port city on the Neva River, 400 miles northwest of Moscow, began life in 1703 as Petrograd, or St. Read more

WWII Quarterly Summer 2018

World War II Odyssey Across Europe

By Roy Altenbach

Roy Altenbach, a soldier from a German-speaking family in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, was assigned to the 47th Medium Maintenance Company, 22nd Ordnance Battalion. Read more

WWII Quarterly Summer 2018

Hitler’s Wonder Weapons

By Mason B. Webb

Imagine that you are an Allied soldier in the ETO. You are in your foxhole on the front line, looking and listening for any sign that the Germans are about to attack your position. Read more

Los Baños Raid

WWII Quarterly Summer 2018

Desperate Los Baños Raid

By Christopher Miskimon

Henry Muller had an important job. He was the intelligence officer of the 11th Airborne Division, known in military parlance as the G-2. Read more