Under Van Deman, the Military Intelligence Section had wide powers of intelligence collection and investigation.

Military Heritage October 2006

Famous Military Spies: Ralph Van Deman

By Peter Kross

In the long history of American military intelligence, the names that come to mind most often are those of Nathan Hale, Benedict Arnold, Herbert Yardley, and William Donovan. Read more

Military Heritage October 2006

Roman General Flavius Aetius

By Mark S. Longo

In many ways, Flavius Aetius personified the tumultuous changes that rocked the Western Roman Empire during its final years. Read more

Military Heritage October 2006

The Tokyo War Crimes Trials

By Roy Morris Jr.

When the Tokyo War Crimes Trials opened in the former hilltop headquarters of the Japanese military at Ichigaya on May 3, 1946, American-born chief prosecutor Joseph Keenan faced a difficult task. Read more