Medal of Honor Recipients

Medal of Honor recipients include those U.S. military personnel who have received the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest decoration for valor in combat.  Medal of Honor recipients are presented a medal which is indicative of the recipient’s branch of service and worn at the throat, suspended from a pale blue ribbon.  The criteria for Medal of Honor recipients has evolved through the years since the award was established during the Civil War.

The General Wilson had Originally Selected to Lead America in World War I Was Not Pershing, Nor Any Ordinary Officer. It Was General Frederick Funston.

Medal of Honor Recipients

General Frederick Funston

by Shippen Swift

Looking at a 1917 newspaper photo of Frederick Funston, barely 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing just a biscuit over a hundred pounds, today’s reader would wonder whatever made U.S. Read more

Medal of Honor Recipients

Howard W. Gilmore and the USS Growler: Making the Ultimate Sacrifice

By Chuck Lyons

On February 7, 1943, while on patrol in the Southwest Pacific Ocean, U.S. Navy Commander Howard W. Gilmore, commander of the USS Growler (SS-215), and his crew carved out a place for themselves in Navy legend and set a standard of duty that is remembered in the submarine service today. Read more