General Stanislaw Sosabowski found his Parachute Brigade entangled in political wrangling and without opportunity to fight as he saw fit.

Brian Horrocks

Stanislaw Sosabowski: Poland’s Premier Paratrooper

By Tom Aiello, Ph.D

Stanislaw Sosabowski started his military career in the anti-Hapsburg Polish underground movement in 1907, served in the Austrian Army in World War I, and rose to the command of the Polish Parachute Brigade in World War II. Read more

In their first combat experience, a handful of American soldiers accomplished its objective and held against powerful German counter-attacks.

Brian Horrocks

King Company at Bloody Lindern

By Frank Chadwick

In November 1944, an American infantry division underwent its baptism of fire in the worst conditions imaginable and acquitted itself with honor beyond anyone’s expectation. Read more