Everyone, it seemed, got involved in the frenzy for ever-more-fancy uniforms and accoutrements, from Napoleon on down.

Anthony Wayne

Military Fashion in the Napoleonic Wars

by Blaine Taylor

Napoleon I, Emperor of the French, was in a fury over the uniforms issued to his newly created Illyrian Regiment: “Too small, too short, too tight, badly cut, badly made, badly sewed; many of the buttonholes made only with a simple snip of the scissors … sleeves not lined … capotes so tight that they cannot be worn over the uniform coat but they hamper the movements of men who have nothing on but a waistcoat under them; many … are of bad cloth … I want a report!” Read more

John Graves Simcoe was the leader of the most successful British partisan unit in the Revolutionary War from New York to South Carolina.

Anthony Wayne

John Graves Simcoe: a Queen’s Ranger in the American Revolution

By Mike Phifer

British Army officer John Graves Simcoe wanted to command a corps of irregular troops. He believed that there were opportunities in “the service of a partisan” that taught a man habits of self-dependence and prompt decision making rarely found in the duties of a subordinate officer. Read more

William Henry Harrison led soldiers and frontiersmen to destroy the Indian confederacy organized by Shawnee leaders on Tippecanoe River.

Anthony Wayne

Surprise Attack at Tippecanoe

By Joshua Shepherd

For William Henry Harrison, the letter he received on October 12, 1811, constituted not only official orders, but something of a personal vindication as well. Read more

Shawnee Indians and Virginians waged a thunderous and bloody battle at Point Pleasant during Lord Dunmore's War.

Anthony Wayne

Lord Dunmore’s War: The Battle of Point Pleasant

By James K. Swisher

In the lengthening shadows of a late October afternoon, a column of tired marchers attired in dusty, fringed hunting dress emerged from the trees along the north bank of the Kanawha River, raising an exhilarating shout upon sighting its confluence with the Ohio. Read more