The USS Olympia (left) leads the U.S. Asiatic Squadron as it destroys the Spanish fleet off Cavite.

Admiral George Dewey

Battle of Manila Bay

By A.B. Feuer

The United States Navy investigation into the February 15, 1898, sinking of the battleship Maine was a difficult undertaking. Read more

Admiral George Dewey

Why Kaiser Wilhelm II Almost Attacked America’s East Coast

By Frank Zedeck

In the latter part of the 19th century, Germany’s young Kaiser, Wilhelm II, was anxious to play Weltpolitik (global politics) and expand his country’s influence beyond the borders of Europe, where Germany was already an acknowledged power player. Read more

Admiral George Dewey

The USS Olympia: Largest Steel Warship Afloat

By Peter Suciu

The oldest steel warship afloat has survived wars, economic downturns, and even the harsh passage of time, but there was one battle that the USS Olympia (C-6), flagship of the American Asiatic Fleet during the Spanish-American War of 1898, almost was unable to win. Read more

On a Secret Mission of Great Importance to the War Effort, Andrew Rowan Carried a Message to Cuban General Calixto Garcia...

Admiral George Dewey

Andrew Rowan’s Message To Calixto Garcia

by Thomas P. McKenna

One of the most interesting characters arising out of the Spanish-American War was Lt. Andrew Summers Rowan, who was selected by President William McKinley to carry a secret message to the Cuban general Calixto Garcia. Read more

A pioneer in the field of military aviation, the Department of the Navy was instrumental in advancing military aeronautics into its modern form.

Admiral George Dewey

The Birth of U.S. Military Aviation

by Brad Reynolds

On March 25, 1898, Assistant Secretary of the Navy Theodore Roosevelt recommended that two officers “of scientific attainment and practical ability” be appointed to investigate the Samuel P. Read more