November 2005

Volume 4, No. 6

Cover: Germans advance through Russia in this 1942 photo from Signal magazine. (Photo: Bridgeman Art Library/Private

Masses of SS, SA, and members of the German army crowd the docks at Wilhelmshaven during the launching ceremonies for the pocket battleship Admiral Scheer. The Scheer was arguably the most successful German surface raider of WWII.

November 2005

WWII History

Marauding Kriegsmarine Raider

By Ralph Segman

Say the words “pocket battleship” and up pops the name Admiral Graf Spee. Her two sister ships, the Deutschland/Lutzow and the Admiral Scheer are virtually unknown to Americans. Read more

Soldiers watch from a distance as the Warsaw Ghetto burns.

November 2005

WWII History

Warsaw 1943: A War of Desperation

By Kelly Bell

In April 1940, Adolf Hitler’s SS began building a walled compound in occupied Warsaw in which to imprison Jews who had survived the previous autumn’s bitter fighting as the German juggernaut romped through western Poland. Read more

November 2005

WWII History

Faces of Battle

By Kevin M. Hymel

What was it like to come to grips with the enemy, to fight and survive combat? For each men, the experience was different; for many, it was almost impossible to relate to those behind the lines or an ocean away. Read more

November 2005

WWII History, Comminique

255th Infantry Regiment

Dear Editors,

I enclose a copy of pages 60 and 61 of your May 2005 issue, which may contain an error. Read more

With whatever personal possessions they can manage, Belgian refugees flee the German army in the summer of 1940.

November 2005

WWII History, Profiles

WWII Heroes: Aristides de Sousa Mendes

By Michael D. Hull

Panic and confusion reigned across France as the bright, warm spring of 1940 turned into summer.

Blitzkrieg, a brutal new mode of warfare, was on the loose in Western Europe. Read more