March 2002

Volume 1, No. 2

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel plots his next move in the assault on Kasserine Pass. Courtesy of the National Archives.

March 2002

WWII History

Better Or Best: The B-17 Vs. The B-24

By Sam McGowan

One of the most frequently discussed arguments to come out of World War II is which was the “better” bomber, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress or the Consolidated B-24 Liberator. Read more

March 2002

WWII History, Dispatches


Dear Editor:

Congratulations on your premier issue of WWII History. I found the content to be interesting, the text informative, and the photographs and paintings to be of fine quality. Read more

March 2002

WWII History, Profiles

Air Force Profiles: Pilot Phil Cochran

By Gerald Astor

Superficially, Phil Cochran personified the WWII fighter pilot, a combat daredevil, nonchalant about the niceties of rank and zealous in pursuit of what he called “chicks.” Read more

Building façades were bedecked with flags of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during Hitler’s state visit to Rome in May 1937.

March 2002

WWII History, Insight

The Strange Death Of Air Marshal Italo Balbo

By Blaine Taylor

On May 26, 1940, as the armies of Nazi Germany roared across prostrate France and the British Expeditionary Force was in the midst of its evacuation by sea from the European continent, Italian Army Marshal Pietro Badoglio, 69, was in the waiting room of the Palazzo Venezia in Rome. Read more