January 2010

Volume 9, No. 1

Cover: A mortar squad is set up among the ruins of a house in St. Malo, France. The gunner is aiming the mortar while his assistant is ready to drop a high explosive round down the tube. Photo courtesy National Archives.

January 2010

WWII History

Operation Pedestal: The Rescue of Malta

By Michael D. Hull

Located 58 miles south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea, the rocky, 122-square-mile island of Malta was the hinge upon which all Allied operations in the Middle East turned during the first half of World War II. Read more

January 2010

WWII History

Italy’s North African Misadventure

By Walter S. Zapotoczny

When most people think of the Italian Army in North Africa during World War II, they tend to believe that the average Italian soldier offered little resistance to the Allies before surrendering. Read more

January 2010

WWII History

Hell on New Britain

By Adam Lynch

The American effort to neutralize the big Japanese air-sea base at Rabaul on the island of New Britain in the South Pacific was heating up, and 18-year-old aviation radioman John Kepchia was about to feel the heat. Read more

January 2010

WWII History, Dispatches

Keeping World War II Alive

Dear Editor,

This magazine is amazing! One of the best out there, and by far the most interesting.

I’ve had a fascination with World War II for years. Read more

January 2010

WWII History, Profiles

Thin Line of Air Defense

By Herb Kugel

In the 40 minutes between 7:50 and 8:30 am, on April 5, 1942, Royal Air force pilot Don McDonald experienced his air base being bombed in a Japanese surprise air raid that should never have been a surprise. Read more

January 2010

WWII History, Top Secret

The Abwehr’s Man in Havana

By Peter Kross

In espionage fiction, there are three types of spies. The first is the suave, dapper James Bond, 007, license to kill, a hit with the ladies. Read more

January 2010

WWII History, Insight

Black POWs Under the Nazis

By G. Paul Garson

On May 13, 1940, the German army invaded France, crossing the River Meuse at Sedan. Upon France’s capitulation, the Franco-German armistice was signed on June 22, and a portion of France was placed under German occupation, with the remaining area ostensibly left to its own, with the Vichy collaborationist government in control. Read more

January 2010

WWII History, Books

Life After Death

By Mason B. Webb

Author Richard Bessel’s latest book is, without doubt, a monumental work that goes in depth to chart Germany’s progress from a flattened, vilified foe to a bulwark in Europe’s efforts to resist Communist expansion and takeover. Read more

January 2010

WWII History, Simulation Gaming

Two weathered warbirds take flight in this aerial double header.

By Joseph Luster

After maybe five minutes of playing Ubisoft’s Heroes Over Europe for the Xbox 360 and Playstations 3 (reviewed), I had the sudden urge to run to my computer, hop online, and see whether or not some offshoot of Factor 5 was behind the game’s development. Read more