Military Heritage

June 2002

Volume 3, No. 6

Cover: Last Stand of the 44th at Gandamak, by W.B. Wollen. Courtesy of the Essex Regiment Museum.

June 2002

Military Heritage

How Hannibal Hammered the Roman Army

By Keith Milton

Gisgo, a commander in the Carthaginian army, sat on his horse nervously as he waited with other members of the staff for their general, the now-famous Hannibal, to complete his final inspection. Read more

June 2002

Military Heritage

Invasion At The Second Battle of Sabine Pass

By Mark N. Lardas

In 1863 the tide was running against the South—except in Texas. A new Confederate commander, John Magruder, chased the Yankees out of both Galveston and the Rio Grande Valley. Read more

June 2002

Military Heritage, Communique

What’s in a Name?


Your publication is without question one of the better historical magazines. Until …

While reading the features section I noticed this title found at page 38: “Duel at Hampton Roads” by Keith Milton. Read more

June 2002

Military Heritage, Soldiers

Joachim Murat: Napoleon Bonaparte’s ‘Premier Chevalier’

By Jeremy Green

Dashing hussars in beautifully braided dolmans and fur-lined pelisses; chasseurs in their brilliant green uniforms; the heavy cavalry of cuirassiers in their glistening breastplates, mounted on magnificent chargers; and the dragoons, wearing brass Grecian helmets with long, flowing manes of black horsehair—all magnificent in their martial and fashionable airs. Read more

This 1862 lithograph shows Liverpool shipbuilding. The longest unmasted hull may be what eventually became the CSS Alabama.

June 2002

Military Heritage, Intelligence

Civil War Spies: James D. Bulloch

By Jim Haviland

Although Confederate commander James D. Bulloch had a well-rounded naval background, he also proved skillful as a secret agent. Read more

June 2002

Military Heritage, Militaria

Collecting Civil War and World War II Books

By Blaine Taylor

Thanks, sadly, to the blood spilled by soldiers on fields of battle throughout history, there has been plenty of material to fill countless books about the battles they waged. Read more

June 2002

Military Heritage, Books

Agostino von Hassell and Herm Dillon’s ‘West Point’

Congress was reluctant, but President Thomas Jefferson was worried about war with France, and so in 1802 the fledgling United States of America established an academy for training youth in the disciplines of a military life and the arts of war. Read more

June 2002

Military Heritage, Games

Sid Meier’s Civilization III

By Eric T. Baker

The premise is simple. The player chooses one of 16 civilizations and tries to lead it from the dawn of time to the space age. Read more