Defiant Sergeant William Jasper lashes the South Carolina state flag to an artillery sponge in this painting by H. Charles McBarron.
Military Heritage

December 2005

Volume 7, No. 3

Cover: The Union Standard Bearer, by Don Troiani (

With the rising Shangani River behind them, Major Allan Wilson and his 32 hard-pressed troopers make a desperate last stand against King Lobengula’s 1,000 Matabele warriors in southeast Africa.

December 2005

Military Heritage

Death of the Shangani Patrol

By Robert Barr Smith

On the banks of the rain-swollen Shangani River, a small force of white militiamen closed ranks as hundreds of Matabele warriors swarmed around them. Read more

December 2005

Military Heritage, Editorial

Oliver Cromwell’s Folly

By Roy Morris Jr.

After successfully concluding the First Anglo-Dutch War, English strongman Oliver Cromwell turned his severe Puritan attentions to Spain or, more accurately, to Spain’s far-flung possessions in the New World. Read more

December 2005

Military Heritage, Communique


Dear Editors:

I took the enclosed photo of Hedgehogs in June 1961 on my ship USS Hector AR-7. Picture was taken on a DD alongside. Read more

Viking longboats cut through the sea while on expedition. King Harald’s nickname was “Hardradi,” meaning “the ruthless;” something his enemies could surely attest to.

December 2005

Military Heritage

Harald “Land Waster” Hardradi

by Kenneth Cline

For many history buffs, the date 1066 conjures up an image of Norman knights breaking through the shield wall of the ax-wielding Anglo-Saxons at Senlac Hill. Read more

Wehrmacht infantrymen march through a Belgian town to occupy territory overrun by armored divisions.

December 2005

Military Heritage, Intelligence

German Intelligence Chief Wilhelm Franz Canaris

by David Alan Johnson

In most popular spy thrillers, secret agents are tall, handsome, virile, and irresistible to women. Whether their name is Dirk Pitt, Jack Ryan, or James Bond, all are hard-drinking, well-tailored ladies’ men. Read more

December 2005

Military Heritage, Militaria

Collecting Tanker Helmets

By Peter Suciu

Since the first tanks rolled across the battlefield in World War I, armored crews have required specialized equipment to protect them inside the giant metal beasts. Read more

December 2005

Military Heritage, Books

The First Marines

by Lt. Col. Harold E. Raugh, Jr., Ph.D., U.S. Army (Ret.)

To this day, the U.S. Marine Corps proudly commemorates in its service hymn the Marines’ first overseas operation on “the shores of Tripoli.” Read more

December 2005

Military Heritage, Games

Divided Nation, Leyte Gulf, and Age of Empires III

By Eric T. Baker

The American Conquest series, from publisher CDV, follows the birth and evolution of the United States. The latest game is American Conquest: Divided Nation, which takes the story into the tumultuous 19th century. Read more