Military Heritage

August 2008

Volume 10, No. 1

COVER: John Gilbert’s 1890 painting Onward depicts a victorious medieval knight on horseback. Courtesy of The Bridgeman Art Library/©Manchester Art Gallery, UK.

August 2008

Military Heritage

The Battle of Brice’s Cross Roads

By John Walker

After critical victories at Gettysburg, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga in 1863, the Union high command had ambitious plans for the Civil War’s vast western theater in the spring of 1864. Read more

August 2008

Military Heritage

Costly British Victory at Ferozeshah

By John Brown

A little over five centuries ago, a guru named Nanak founded a new faith among the Hindu communities that farmed the rich agricultural areas of northern India known as the Punjab, the Land of the Five Rivers. Read more

August 2008

Military Heritage, Editorial

Bill Mauldin’s Willie and Joe

Roy Morris Jr.

Among the thousands of American soldiers slogging through the miserable winter of 1944 in southern Italy after the Allied landing at Anzio were two GIs who existed only on paper, but who became as real to their readers as the mud-covered, K-ration-eating guys sitting next to them in their foxholes. Read more

Five submarines built by the Holland Torpedo Boat Company ride at anchor at a New York dock in 1902. Plunger, center, was an improved version of Holland.

August 2008

Military Heritage, Intelligence

The Holland Submarine

By Chuck Lyons

By the 1870s, the agitation for Irish independence, already centuries old, had spread to America. The revolutionary Irish Republican Brotherhood, known as the Fenians, began organizing thousands of Irish immigrants trained on both sides during the recent Civil War into its own army. Read more

August 2008

Military Heritage, Militaria

Avoiding the Nameless Grave—Civil War ID Tags

By Don Troiani

The American Civil War may well have been the first major conflict in which soldiers felt the need to wear some sort of a personal identification badge in the event that they were killed or wounded in battle. Read more

August 2008

Military Heritage, Books

Revolution in the South

By Al Hemingway

When historians discuss the American Revolution, they give scant attention to the hard fighting that occurred in the southern states. Read more