Military Heritage

April 2004

Volume 5, No. 5

Cover: Cemetery Hill by Don Troiani, Historical Art Prints,

Hearty soldiers from Normandy—descendants of Norsemen— looked for challenges and opportunities far from home and found some in Italy. They landed there in the early 11th century and began to assemble dominions for themselves.

April 2004

Military Heritage

Singing Swords & Charging Warhorses

By Terry Gore

Italy in the mid-11th century was in chaos. Ostensibly held together under the auspices of papal and Holy Roman Empire authority, the peninsula had become a collection of feuding city-states, each under its own local ruler or warlord. Read more

April 2004

Military Heritage, Communique

Guns at Bear Paw

Dear Editor:

In an excellent Military Heritage (December 2003) article about the Gatling gun, A.B. Feuer indicates that a Gatling gun was used at the Battle of the Bear Paw from September 30-October 5, 1877. Read more

April 2004

Military Heritage, Intelligence

The Battle of Trenton

By Vince Hawkins

By the winter of 1776, the struggle for American independence had reached its lowest point. In June of that year General George Washington’s Continental Army had stood at nearly 20,000 strong. Read more

Since World War I, Ft. Benning, Georgia, has been the training ground of U.S. Infantry. Since 1959, its National Infantry Museum has displayed artifacts and equipment of U.S. infantrymen and their foes. Below is a M4A2 Sherman tank.

April 2004

Military Heritage, Militaria

The National Infantry Museum.

By Blaine Taylor

Over 100,000 visitors annually trace with pride the footsteps of infantrymen from the 1607 wilderness of Virginia to the 1991 sands of the Persian Gulf and view weapons from the French Charleville flintlock musket to the atomic Davy Crockett mortar,” says the director of the National Infantry Museum, Z. Read more

April 2004

Military Heritage, Books

A. Jay Cristol’s ‘The Liberty Incident’

By Lt. Col. Harold E. Raugh, Jr., Ph.D., U.S. Army (Ret.)

On June 8, 1967, during the height of the Six-Day War between Israel and its Arab adversaries, the USS Liberty was attacked apparently without warning while in international waters in the eastern Mediterranean. Read more