By Joseph Luster

From games exiting Early Access to games entering Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service, we now come to another look at Hell Let Loose. Developed by a small independent team and powered by Unreal Engine 4, this teamwork-based shooter emphasizes communication and playing roles within the platoon for maximum effectiveness. As a result, survival becomes the name of the game along with a focus on historically accurate tactics, armor, weapons, and logistics. Whether you’ve been playing since 2021 or have been meaning to check it out for years, Hell Let Loose is now available to sample as long as you’re paying for an Xbox Game Pass sub.

The first theater of war to be featured in Hell Let Loose takes players to the Norman countryside in the early stages of 1944’s Operation Overlord. One of the most attractive features is the sheer scale captured in this and other maps that are currently in the works. According to the devs at Black Matter, it takes approximately 15 minutes to cross the Norman countryside map on foot. The surroundings include a mix of small villages, dense woodland, winding canals, and open countryside, offering up a bunch of different strategic possibilities along the way.

The battles themselves will be waged with over 16 true-to-life rifles, machine guns, and pistols, all of which come with their own realistic pros and cons. From jamming to overheating and other aspects of true weapon limitations, the goal is to get as close to mimicking real issues without making said limitations too much of an annoyance. All said, there are 14 playable roles that come equipped with their own unique weapons and other combat-ready items such as mines, mortars, and anti-tank measures.

Hell Let Loose is split up into three key levels of warfare: Strategic, Operational, and Tactical. The first involves taking on the role of Commander and deciding on adaptive strategies for your ground forces. Call upon reinforcements and supplies and send in outside strikes to properly respond to the ever-changing field of battle. Operational duties consist of establishing supply lines to bolster forces, and Tactical roles include setting up observation posts and garrisons before settling on the appropriate course of action.

Hell Let Loose is another WWII shooter with great ambitions, and they’ve mostly paid off since its initial launch. Thousands of reviews have poured in on Steam since it debuted, adding up to a “Very Positive” overall consensus. With two teams of 50 players each facing off against one another on the battlefield, the creation of this relatively small team is most impressive indeed.

Publisher: Team17
Genre: Simulation
System: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series
Available: Now

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