June 28, 2014 will mark a key milestone in military history: it will be the centennial anniversary of the start of World War I.

To mark the centennial, York University’s history department has produced a documentary series, “The War to End All Wars: A Look Back at World War I.”

According to the university, they’ve created six English-language episodes (and one in French) that includes commentary from 14 professors, each discussion various events in the war. The Episodes are as follows:

  • The World at War
  • Canada at War
  • Women at War
  • Empires at War
  • Technologies at War
  • The Spoils of War
  • Les Canadiens français et la Première Guerre mondiale

In addition to chronicling Canada’s own contributions to World War I, the mini-series also explains how and why other world powers got involved in the fighting.

“Creating this documentary series was very exciting as we were able to bring in several facets of the Great War and its impact on Canada, and also include historic images to support our analysis at the century mark,” says Professor Marcel Martel, York University’s history department chair.

Each World War I episode is available to the public and accessible through the university’s YouTube Channel.

Let us know what you think about the series and other centennial projects you’ve come across in the comments below.

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