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We’ve been working for months improving our Warfare History Network website, and we’re ready to launch the new site so you can check it out.

We’ve reconstructed WHN from top to bottom, making it easier for you to search for exactly the stories you want to read about. With over 3,000 newly catalogued articles, you’ll be able to read about almost any battle ever fought, any war ever won! All at your fingertips easily searchable any time you want.

And there’s more content on the website…lots more. We’ve added nearly 100 complete back issues of WWII History Magazine, Military Heritage Magazine, WWII Quarterly and Civil War Quarterly Magazine, including all the maps, photos, and art. You can download entire issues in PDF form, or print them on your home printer, or simply read on your computer if you so choose. That’s almost 10,000 pages of military history from our back issues, new to the website, and all laid at your fingertips. Right now, those issues would be valued at almost $1,000 on the newsstands. And we continue to add issues every week until we’ve posted every issue we’ve ever published!

We’re improving our bi weekly newsletters, making them easier to read, and packing them full of new military history articles. And we’ve made sure each article has a place for you to chime in and post your thoughts on that story with your peers, for lively dialogue between members of the Warfare History Network community.

We’ve just switched it on, and it’s the most exciting, most comprehensive, best curated collection of military history knowledge in the world…just waiting for you. And right now, you can be a member for just $3.99 a month.

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Fill in the information needed, and your credit card information, and press “subscribe.”

Step 2 (New Members) – Simply fill in the information needed, and your credit card information, and press “subscribe.”

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