WWII History February 2019

Battle of the Java Sea: Desperate Delaying Action

By David Lippman 

The ships left just before sunset on February 26, 1942, passing out of a harbor jammed with wreckage, battered docks, fires, the stench of burning oil, and Dutch women, children, and old men—most of them relatives of the crews heading out—waving their men goodbye and good luck. Read more

WWII History February 2019

Heroic Warsaw Airlift

By Patrick J. Chaisson

Warsaw was burning. Captain Jack Van Eyssen first saw it as a dull glow on the night horizon, 35 miles distant. Read more

WWII History February 2019

At the Costly Anzio Beachhead

By Christopher Miskimon

The morning of February 16, 1944, dawned foggy over the Via Anziate near Anzio, Italy. The 45th Infantry Division’s 2nd Battalion, 157th Infantry Regiment had advanced overnight to take positions on the west side of the roadway, assuming its place on the front lines. Read more

The flat terrain of the Anzio battlefield provided no cover and little concealment. Here GIs burrow into their water-filled foxholes and wait for the next German assault.

WWII History February 2019

Rangers ravaged at Cisterna 75 years ago.

To this day, controversy continues to swirl around Operation Shingle and its agonizing aftermath. The Allied landings at Anzio, intended to outflank the German Gustav Line in Italy, occurred in January 1944. Read more