Military Heritage May 2017

Masterstroke at Friedland

By Coley Cowan

Friedland was burning. The darkening sky of late afternoon on June 14, 1807, was deepened further by the ashes swirling in the narrow streets. Read more

Military Heritage May 2017

Raid on St. Nazaire

By William F. Floyd, Jr.

The British flotilla moved with determination into the Loire estuary after midnight on May 28, 1942. Read more

Military Heritage May 2017

Vanguard of Elephants on the Hydaspes River

By Gabrielle Esposito

The Macedonian soldiers stood transfixed on the flood plain as the Pauravan army advanced toward them. The ground shook with each step the great lumbering war elephants took as they advanced toward the wide-eyed Greeks. Read more