French men-at-arms assault a formidable English position at Auray in September 1364. An English counterattack shattered the French.

King Philip

Bertrand du Guesclin

By William E. Welsh

One month after the disastrous French defeat at Poitiers in September 1356, a large English army besieged Rennes in eastern Brittany. Read more

King Philip

Benjamin Church Created America’s First Ranger Force

By Don Hollway

When John Sassamon’s murdered body floated up under the ice of Assawompsett Pond, Plymouth Colony, in January 1675, few Puritan homesteaders could have foretold it would lead to the bloodiest war, per capita, in American history. Read more

King Philip

Bloodbath in New England

By Chuck Lyons

In the autumn of 1621, Massasoit, a sachem (chief) of the Pokanoket and Wampanoag tribes, entered American legend when he and some his people joined the Pilgrim harvest celebration that would later be called the first Thanksgiving. Read more