As a Japanese invasion force attacked Port Moresby, New Guinea, a skeleton crew of two American aircraft carriers moved to confront the invaders.

Battle of Manila Bay

The Battle of the Coral Sea

By John Wukovits

World War II was less than six months old when the American public, already stunned by the debacles at Pearl Harbor and Guam, faced one of its darkest moments. Read more

Commodore Dewey steamed out of Hong Kong for the Philippines, fully prepared to battle the Spanish at Manila Bay.

Battle of Manila Bay

Battle of Manila Bay

by A.B. Feuer

The United States Navy investigation into the February 15, 1898, sinking of the battleship Maine was a difficult undertaking. Read more

The September 2015 issue of Military Heritage Magazine.

Battle of Manila Bay

The USS Olympia: Largest Steel Warship Afloat

by Peter Suciu

The oldest steel warship afloat has survived wars, economic downturns, and even the harsh passage of time, but there was one battle that the USS Olympia (C-6), flagship of the American Asiatic Fleet during the Spanish-American War of 1898, almost was unable to win. Read more