On February 20, 1945, the 87th Regiment of the 10th Mountain Division occupied the town of Corona below Monte Belvedere.

November 2002

Volume 1, No. 6

A Wehrmacht soldier carries antitank mines, 1943. Photo originally appeared in Signal. Courtesy of AKG London.

November 2002

WWII History

To Casablanca By Air

By Eric Niderost

On the afternoon of January 7, 1943, Boeing 314s Dixie Clipper and Atlantic Clipper took off from the Marine Air Terminal, La Guardia Airport in New York, their destination Miami. Read more

Soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division fire at German troops occupying barns in the rugged mountains of northern Italy.

November 2002

WWII History

Storming Riva Ridge

By Flint Whitlock

From their hiding places in the valley below, the soldiers looked up at the wall of shale looming more than 3,000 feet above them. Read more

Smoke and flames billow from the stricken battleship USS West Virginia in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

November 2002

WWII History

A Magnitude Never Imagined

By Mike McLaughlin

The Pearl Harbor disaster presented the U.S. Navy with a sobering question: how to recover? More than 2,000 men had died. Read more

November 2002

WWII History, Editorial

Station Hypo

A mere six months passed between the tragedy of Pearl Harbor and the triumph of U.S. naval forces during the Battle of Midway. Read more

November 2002

WWII History, Dispatches

Air Transport Command

Dear Sir,

The article “Anything, Anywhere, Anytime” (July 2002) about the Air Transport Command (ATC), written by Sam McGowan, was excellent. Read more

November 2002

WWII History, Books

Roscoe C. Blunt, Jr.’s “Foot Soldier”

By Michael D. Hull

A few days after German panzers rumbled through the chill, foggy Ardennes Forest early on December 16, 1944, breaching thinly held American lines and causing widespread confusion and near panic, a number of Allied units were rushed in to plug the gaps. Read more