Nazi Germany

The Thunder of Operation Gallop

by Pat McTaggart

As Adolf Hitler’s vaunted Sixth Army lay in its death throes in the ruins of Stalingrad, German forces to the west of the city faced their own kind of hell. Read more

The intrepid crew of a German U-boat crept into the British anchorage in the Orkney Islands of Scotland and struck a blow to Royal Navy prestige.

Nazi Germany

German U-Boats: Scapa Flow Shock

by Jon Latimer

World War II had been in progress for six weeks when on the evening of October 12, 1939, the German submarine U-47 surfaced off the Orkney Islands at the northern tip of Scotland. Read more

How WWII spy Walter Koehler double-crossed FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover.

Nazi Germany

Walter Koehler & J. Edgar Hoover

by David Alan Johnson

Throughout his lifetime, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover always boasted that no enemy agent, either spy or saboteur, ever operated at large in the United States during World War II. Read more

Nazi Germany

Heinrich Himmler’s New-Found Diaries

Captured by the Red Army during World War II, diaries written by Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer of the SS, lay forgotten in the vast, byzantine collections of the Russian Military Archive. Read more

Nazi Germany

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and the Nazi Saboteur

By David Alan Johnson

It was just about midnight on June 12, 1942, and the Abwehr (Nazi Germany’s intelligence agency) hoped that Dasch and his three men, along with another four-man group to be put ashore on the coast of Florida, would be able to destroy factories of the Aluminium Company of America (ALCOA) located in the United States. Read more