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The Band of Brothers Special Issue

You might have watched the HBO mini-series The Band of Brothers. But you might not know the full story of the men of Easy Company...

Follow the journey of Easy Company in The Band of Brothers Special Issue. This thick volume is a perfect companion for any historian, amateur or professional, studying the legendary 101st Airborne Division that fought in the greatest battles of the European Theater.

Inside, you’ll find the kinds of unique stories, photographs, and illustrations that you simply won’t find anywhere other than Warfare History Network. Dick Winters, Ed Mauser, and Buck Compton tell their own stories like never before in three exclusive interviews. See the amazing artwork inspired by the sacrifices of the 101st Airborne from D-Day to the Bulge. Get the close-up tactical view of some of the 101st Airborne’s toughest battles in Europe.


Exclusive First-Hand Accounts From the Heroes of Easy Company

A historian alone can never truly capture the visceral details of war. That’s why Warfare History Network turned to the only source that can: The men who fought the battles themselves. Read three amazing first-hand accounts of Easy Company’s war across Western Europe.

Dive into the fight for The Island from the eyes of Dick Winters, Easy Company’s legendary commander:

Airborne veteran Lynn "Buck" Compton is shown in his catcher's gear while playing baseball for UCLA. Compton proved himself a fine athlete and later played minor league baseball.

“When I said, “Fix bayonets,” he took a big swallow. I can still remember seeing his Adam’s apple make a difficult trip up and down his throat. Hoobler’s adrenalin was flowing. My adrenalin was pumping too. I had never been so pumped up in my life.”

Read about platoon leader Buck Compton’s journey from the baseball diamond to the Bulge:

“As we neared our drop zone, the weather grew overcast, and more and more antiaircraft flak began to hit near our plane.”

And get Easy Company’s Ed Mauser’s journey with the 101st as he tells his story for the first time ever:

“We got surrounded on my birthday… a good present.”

You simply don’t know the Band of Brothers if you haven’t heard the story told by Easy Company’s own heroes.

Capturing Easy Company in Art

It seems only natural that one of the most iconic airborne units of World War II has inspired some of the most striking pieces of artwork depicting the war.

Hang Tough, Bastogne 1944

The paintings by Valor Studio are a cut above the rest. Not simply paintings, these works of art are authentic reenactments, made to capture specific stories of Easy Company. This special issue delves into the creative process of these fantastic works that give a uniquely authentic look at the story of Easy Company. When you read about the detailed research and craftsmanship that goes into creating these paintings, you won’t see them the same way again.

A Paratrooper Chaplain on D-Day

It wasn’t just soldiers dropping into battle from high. Chaplains accompanied the sky soldiers of the 101st Airborne division throughout the Allied campaigns in Western Europe. The Drama at Klondike Aid Station follows the story of chaplain Francis L. Sampson, known as Father Sam, who performed above and beyond the call of duty when he dropped into Normandy with the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment. Setting up an ad hoc aid station, Father Sam saved lives, earning himself numerous awards and a recommendation for the Medal of Honor. You’ll find this compelling story of faith meets war full of intimate details of the battle that raged around Father Sam’s small aid station.

W-Winters 6

Laying Down the 101st Airborne’s Tactics, From Caranten to the Bulge

There’s watching a battle, and then there’s understanding it. The Band of Brothers Special Issue gets nitty gritty with the tactical details that determined the 101st’s exceptional battlefield successes. How did a small group of Airborne troops take out the howitzers that threatened to break the landings at Utah beach? What did it take to take the bridge at Best? With a bird’s eye view of the battlefield through detailed, annotated tactical maps and an intricate description of the events on the ground, we give you a comprehensive look at the small actions that determined Allied success in the European Theater.

Carentan MAP

Add to Your Knowledge of Easy Company and the Band of Brothers

Whether you buy it for your coffee table, as a gift for a friend, or as a reference on your bookshelf, The Band of Brothers Special Issue from Warfare History Network fits the bill. Immerse yourself in the story of Easy Company as told through The Band of Brothers Special Issue and gain a new appreciation for Easy Company and the men of the 101st Airborne Division.

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