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In a guerrilla war on Luzon, Americans and Filipinos fought Japanese occupiers in Philippines before the return of General MacArthur in World War II.


Guerrilla War on Luzon During World War II

by Sam McGowan

If there is a group of men whose mention evokes thoughts of heroism, it is those who were surrendered to the Japanese on Bataan and subsequently became part of the “Death March” up that peninsula in the Philippines to POW camps in central Luzon. Read more

Mystery still shrouds the death of Major William Holohan, an OSS operative working in Italy near the end of the war.


The Mysterious Death of Major William Holohan

by Peter Kross

In the latter part of 1944, the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, mounted a plan called Operation Chrysler in Italy to “act as a liaison with partisan commanders, attempt to guide and control developments in northern Italy, and create a unified partisan command under the direction of the supreme allied commander.” Read more