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World of Tanks Salutes 100 Years of Tank Battles

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Team-based massively-multiplayer online action game World of Tanks is getting in on a historical celebration to commemorate 100 years since the very first tank battle. To mark the “100 Years of Tanks” milestone, players can look forward to a variety of exciting in-game events running from June to September.

In addition to the events, World of Tanks players will have access to big rewards and discounts, as well as the opportunity to earn massive amounts of experience and credits. It all builds up to the introduction of the historic and iconic Mark 1 to the virtual battlefields.


When you celebrate 100 Years of Tanks you’ll be doing so with over 120 million like-minded players, from the greenest of newcomers to seasoned veterans. World of Tanks is renowned for its historical accuracy, including authentic models, realistic vehicle characteristics, and deep role-playing elements that let you modify and upgrade your tank until it can take on any challenge that awaits.  

Sign up now to get in on the 100 Years of Tanks celebration, and prepare to get hooked on World of Tanks, the ultimate free-to-play action MMO.

** This article was sponsored by Wargaming **


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