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Game Reviews: Wargame: Red Dragon

The Soviet Union has teamed up with Germany, China and North Korea to drag the U.S. and its allies into a Second Korean War.

…That’s the premise you’ll find inside the new campaign released by Wargame: Red Dragon. This particular iteration of the Eugen Systems real-time strategy franchise has been out since this April, and it’s continued to expand upon the company’s previous successes.

East Germany & the Soviet Union Are Alive and Well

For players looking to engage in epic world conflict, there are 17 nations currently available in WRD: the U.S., Japan, and most of the old WWII allies on “BLUFOR”; the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, East Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia on “REDFOR.”

That’s right, East Germany and the Soviet Union. The 1980s are alive and well in Wargame-land.

To that end, the latest DLC campaign available to players creates a world in which a violent coup removes Mikhail Gorbachev from power, reinstating communism and the old regime. With an absence of allies from Eastern Europe, communist nations throughout Asia begin to rise up against their Western foes. The Korean conflict never ends, and the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Soviet Union are all thrown into a Second Korean War.

A far-fetched scenario, one might think. But it’s not as crazy as it sounds.

In 1991, members of the Soviet government attempted a coup d'état to take the country away from President Gorbachev.

The August Coup

In 1991, members of the Soviet government attempted a coup d’état to take the country away from President Gorbachev.

Communist Party hard-liners were behind the insurrection, known to history as the August Coup. They were wildly opposed to the wide reforms made during Gorbachev’s tenure, and resented the transfer of power from the central government to its various republics.

The coup only lasted 48 hours, but its failure was one of the contributing factors in the USSR’s eventual demise. Who’s to say how the world might’ve looked had the overthrow been successful?

More Armored Units In An All-New Campaign

At any rate, with the new Wargame scenario comes more toys. According to PC Gamer, players will be given a new suite of armored units, including U.S. Patriot missiles, JH-7 Chinese air defense systems, and the Soviet Spetsnaz GRV infantry.

To get a feel for the game or check out the action from its new campaign, check it out on Steam, or on the Wargame: Red Dragon website.


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