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Hungary’s National Hero

Janos Hunyadi showed tactical genius in safeguarding Hungary against the Ottoman tide in the 15th…

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WWII Weapons: Flamethrowers of the Wehrmacht

Flamethrowers put fear into the hearts of even the most battle-hardened soldiers.

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Dorylaeum: The First Christian-Muslim Clash of the Crusades

The Battle of Dorylaeum would influence the tactics, strategy, and mystique of the many Crusades…

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Baptism or Death: The Wendish Crusade, 1147-1185

For the pagan Wends living along the Baltic Sea, the Second Crusade quickly became a…

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The Fourth Fitna: A Family Feud that Crippled a Caliphate

Caliph Harun al-Rashid’s two sons carried on a fratricidal power struggle that devastated Baghdad in…

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Clash of the Tyrants

At Ankara, Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I, nicknamed the Thunderbolt, confronted Mongol leader Tamerlane, who had…

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Greek Fire: The Mysterious Weapon of the Byzantine Empire

In AD 678, outside the storied walls of Constantinople, the Byzantine Empire unleashed its new…

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Weapons of the Middle Ages: the Medieval Catapult

The Medieval Catapult was one of the most fearsome middle age weapons ever produced. Read…

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The Byzantine Empire: Medieval Successor to Ancient Rome

The Byzantine Empire, successor to ancient Rome, lasted over a thousand years. This was no…

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Siege of Rhodes: The Will Of The Hospitallers

With Sultan Mohammed II’s Turkish horde at the gates of Rhodes, the city’s Knights Hospitallers…