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Sudden Strike 4

Military Games

Sudden Strike 4


The Sudden Strike World War II tactical real-time strategy series gets an exciting new sequel.

A New World War II tactical game is hitting the market on August 11th, 2017. It’s called Sudden Strike 4 and it’s the perfect game for any tactically-minded World War II buff with an interest in realism.

Three Campaigns, Three Factions, Nine Commanders

Sudden Strike 4 covers the entire European Theater from all sides. The game’s three factions, the Allies, Germany, and the Soviet Union, are all playable in three independent single-player campaigns. In total, the game has 20 missions based on historical events, from the massive tank Battle at Kursk in the East to the costly battle for the Hürtgen Forest in the West.

The core of Sudden Strike 4 gameplay is the game’s doctrine system. The game features nine commanders with special abilities and skills, three for each faction. The nine commanders are all based on real commanders that shaped the battlefields of Europe and North Africa. Heinz Guderian, George S. Patton, Georgi Zhukov, Bernard Montgomery and more are all playable and hold skillsets and doctrines that are unique to their historic command styles. Each general will focus in one of three doctrines: Infantry, Armor, and Support. Throughout the campaign, you will unlock different special abilities accessed by the doctrines they follow. Each skill gives you a unique tactical ability that will change the way you approach missions in the single-player game.

Pure Tactics

In Sudden Strike 4, you take the true role of a commander: a leader of men. Set aside base-building, unit creation, and resource gathering. Just like in real war, the men you’re given are all that you’ve got. In each mission, you, as a commander, are required to make use of whatever you have. Sudden Strike 4 has over 100 unique authentic units, from the Königstiger tank to the Katyusha rocket launcher, to give you a wide variety of tactical possibilities. Airstrikes and reinforcements are also at the player’s disposal, depending on the mission, giving the player an even wider range of tactical options for more a diverse gameplay experience.


Meticulous Realism

In real war, terrain is not perfectly crafted by a game designer, it is shaped by nature and battle. In Sudden Strike 4, map terrain has been meticulously replicated from actual onsite World War II photography. Whether you’re fighting on the frozen lake of Leningrad or the Hürtgen Forest on the French-German border, the terrain you see will be the same terrain that American and Russian soldiers saw as they clashed with the Germans in World War II.

Terrain detail has tactical significance as well. Movement capabilities for various units and vehicles are highly dependent on upon terrain type. Cover, including destructible architecture, can be utilized to enhance your tactical position.

Armored Combat: As Realistic as it Gets

As many strategists in history have noted, supplies and logistics win wars. In war, tanks break down and run out of fuel and ammunition, and crews take casualties. Keeping your vehicles and tanks armed, fueled, and running is one of Sudden Strike 4’s tactical challenges. In Sudden Strike 4, you can maintain the combat effectiveness of your armored units by keeping a steady supply line. Making tactical repairs and crew replacements means you can recover losses on the field. Repair trucks can fix tracks, engines and turrets, and with the right commander and the right skills they can even repair up to 50% of your tanks’ armor.

Realistic armor and ballistic capabilities further make Sudden Strike an authentic tactical experience. Armor has variable characteristics according to its positioning and slope. There are different armor effects on the front, side, back and top of vehicles. Managing your tanks and vehicles is a key component to Sudden Strike 4. Vehicles and tanks are integral to the effectiveness of your force and your ability to control the battlefield. Take care of your armor and your armor will take care of you.

Multiplayer Gaming: Unlimited Tactical Possibilities

Sudden Strike 4 multiplayer will be able to support up to 8 players simultaneously, either competitively playing against each other or cooperatively battling the AI. A wide variety of maps, game types, and historical scenarios gives you unlimited options in constructing your own multiplayer experience.

** This article was sponsored by Kalypso Media**

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