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Book Reviews: 21st Century Patton and 9 Other Books For Your Summer Vacation


Book Reviews: 21st Century Patton and 9 Other Books For Your Summer Vacation

Book Covers June 2017 1

The flamboyant Patton, the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, Allied spies and more: these ten books will make excellent companions for a summer holiday.

By Christopher Miskimon

The Bedford Triangle: Undercover Operations from England in World War II (Martin W. Bowman, Skyhorse Press, 2016, $24.99, hardcover)

A great hall in Bedfordshire was the center of a number of Anglo-American special operations during the war. This book reveals the details of those operations as well as the disappearance of bandleader Glenn Miller.

Dawn of Infamy: A Sunken Ship, a Vanished Crew, and the Final Mystery of Pearl Harbor (Stephen Harding, Da Capo Press, 2016, $24.99, hardcover)

The cargo vessel Cynthia Olsen was sunk by a Japanese submarine halfway between Seattle and Honolulu on December 7, 1941. This book sheds light on the mysteries of the attack.

The Battle of the Bulge

When American valor blunted Hitler's last great counteroffensive...
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The Battle of the Bulge

The Anvil of War: German Generalship in Defense on the Eastern Front (Edited by Peter Tsouras, Frontline Books, 2016, $18.95, softcover)

After the war a number of German officers were persuaded to write of their experiences. This volume collects works about the Eastern Front.

21st Century Patton: Strategic Insights for the Modern Era (Edited by J. Furman Daniel III, Naval Institute Press, 2016, $24.95, softcover)

Patton is mostly remembered for his flamboyant behavior and outrageous statements. This book analyzes Patton as a nuanced and effective military leader.

Sturmartillerie: Spearhead of the Infantry (Thomas Anderson, Osprey Publishing, 2016, $45.00, Hardcover)

The assault guns used by the German Army began as simple infantry support weapons. By the end of the war they were standing in for tanks.

Book Reviews June 2017 2

The Liberation of Europe 1944-1945: The Photographers Who Captured History from D-Day to Berlin (Mark Barnes, Casemate Publishing, $39.95, hardcover)

This coffee table book is full of notable photographs from the archives of the famed British newspaper The Times. They show the breadth of the Allied offensive in Europe in the final year of the war.

An Iron Wind: Europe Under Hitler (Peter Fritzsche, Basic Books, 2016, $29.99, hardcover)

The author uses firsthand accounts to show how average Europeans dealt with the war raging around them. This study includes the stories of victims, witnesses, and bystanders.

Fields of Battle: Pearl Harbor, the Rose Bowl and the Boys Who Went to War (Brian Curtis, Flatiron Books, 2016, $29.99, hardcover)

The men who played the 1942 Rose Bowl finished the game and went off to fight World War II. They went on to serve around the world, and some paid the ultimate price.

The Leper Spy: The Story of an Unlikely Hero of World War II (Ben Montgomery, Chicago Review Press, 2016, $26.99, Hardcover)

Josefina Guerrero spied, carried explosives, and smuggled maps for Allied forces in the Philippines. Japanese sentries would not search her because she had leprosy.

Deadly Sky: The American Combat Airman in World War II (John C. McManus, NAL Caliber, 2016, $16.00, softcover)

American airmen served around the world under a multitude of conditions and enemy threats. This work summarizes their efforts, experiences, and sacrifices.

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