1st Infantry Division Museum

The 1st Infantry Division Museum puts visitors into the heart of the action.

From 747 to B-17: An Interview With Airline Pilot Robert Trammell

Commercial pilot Robert Trammell recalls his experience flying a veteran B-17 Flying Fortress for the…

The Rise of Ike: Supreme Allied Commander in the Making

Dwight Eisenhower’s military career and the key contacts he made along the way prepared him…

Black Spartacus

In early 1802, a 20,000-man French invasion force led by Napoleon Bonaparte’s brother-in-law landed in…

Sherman Tanks of the Israeli Army

After yeoman’s service in World War II, the venerable Sherman tank saw several more decades…

Commando Kidnapping: Capturing General Kreipe on Crete

The abduction of General Heinrich Kreipe was a triumph for the British Special Operations Executive.

Napoleon Bonaparte & the Patriotic War of 1812

Napoleon Bonaparte’s intuition failed him in the fight for the southerly route out of Moscow…

Defending the Beachhead at Brolo

An American amphibious operation during the Sicily campaign ran into trouble from the start.

The Real Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler remains the personification of evil. But who was the man behind the persona?…

“Do You Recognize My Voice?”: The Question That Ended Operation Valkyrie

The switchboard revolt against Hitler unraveled on July 20,1944.