Month: August 2017

  • WWII

North Atlantic Odyssey

A crafty captain worked to free his cargo ship after its seizure by the Germans…

  • WWII

Colt Commando .38 Special: Revolver Pressed into Service

The Colt Commando remains a unique, collectible handgun that was used in World War II.

  • WWII

How Capitalism Won WWII: This Is Capitalism and Expert Rob Citino Explain

We interviewed Expert Dr. Rob Citino from the WWII Museum in New Orleans on the…

  • Military History

Alexander’s Triumph at Granicus

In a closely fought battle against the Persians in Asia Minor, the young king nearly…

  • Military History

The M-60 Machine Gun in the Vietnam War

The versatile, quick-firing M60 machine gun became one of the iconic weapons of the Vietnam…

  • WWII

Long-Range Fighter Escort

The development of long-range escort fighters was one contributor to the progress of the Allied…

  • WWII

First Raid For the Mighty Eighth

The destructive power of the Eighth Air Force steadily grew during the bombing campaign against…

  • WWII

USS Lexington: A Lady to the End

The aircraft carrier USS Lexington waged a gallant war in the Pacific against the Imperial…

  • Military History

Battle of Kadesh: Clash of the Chariot Armies

The Egyptians and Hittites fought a great chariot battle at Kadesh in 1274 BC. At…

  • Military Museums

The American Air Museum in Duxford

Housing the finest collection of American aircraft outside the United States.