Month: April 2017

  • Military Museums

The Dachau Memorial

Dachau Concentration Camp memorial site reminds visitors of the crimes perpetrated by the Third Reich.

  • WWII

Wunderwaffe: The Nazi Wonder Weapons

As World War II turned against Hitler, he became desperate to develop weapons that might…

  • Civil War

The Battle of Franklin: John Bell Hood’s Catastrophic Defeat in Tennessee

Determined to strike Union forces before they reached Nashville, General John Bell Hood threw his…

  • WWII

Philippe Leclerc: The French Desert Fox

Philippe Leclerc was among the best of the allied field commanders of World War II.

  • WWII

From Paratrooper to POW: Bob Nobles of the 82nd Airborne

Paratrooper Bob Nobles fought for a week in Normandy with the 82n Airborne Division until…

  • WWII

Hitler’s Cavalry: Armored Cars of the Third Reich

German light and heavy armored cars enabled scouts to gather vital intelligence for panzer units.

  • War Films
  • WWII

HBO Working on “Band of Brothers In The Sky”

Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are working on a third HBO series about World War…

  • WWII

Otto von Knobelsdorff: Panzer Commander

One of Germany’s most outstanding armor leaders made his impact felt on both the Eastern…

  • WWII

Leonard J. Thom: JFK’s XO on PT-109

Leonard J. Thom, executive officer of PT-109 and JFK’s friend and right-hand man, is remembered…

  • WWII

North Africa: The War of Logistics

Logistics-the practical art of moving arms and keeping them supplied-spelled the difference between victory and…