Month: January 2017

  • Military History

Ancient Weapons: The Sling

Although the bow and javelin are more famous ancient weapons, the sling was just as…

  • WWII

Poison Darts in World War II

Could poison darts have helped the Allies win in World War II? Read on below.

  • WWII

Bernard Fergusson: Black Watch in the Chindit Campaign

Brigadier Bernard Fergusson took part in several hazardous operations in the China-Burma-India- Theater.

  • WWII

Belgium Besieged: From Blitzkrieg to Occupation

The German conquest and occupation of Belgium during World War II is a dark chapter…

  • WWII

Rock Force Assault: MacArthur’s Invasion of Corregidor

American airborne and ground troops swiftly captured the fortress island of Corregidor in Manila Bay…

  • WWII

An American Sergeant at Brest: Caught in the Crosshairs

Sergeant Mort Shuffle took a sniper’s bullet in the chest outside the French fortress city…

  • WWII

The Mysterious Death of Dr. Fritz Todt, Nazi Engineer

A plane crash claimed the life of Hitler’s minister of armaments, paving the way for…

  • WWII

The Scharnhorst: A Cursed Warship?

The German battle cruiser Scharnhorst was plagued by hard luck throughout her career.

  • WWII

Midnight Raid in Iron Bottom Sound

American PT-Boats thwarted a Tokyo Express run on December 7, 1942, near embattled Guadalcanal.

  • WWII

Alvin Landis: Prosecutor at Nuremberg

A disillusioned prosecutor looks back at court proceedings that gained world attention.