Month: October 2016

  • Military History

Battle of Omdurman: The Last British Cavalry Charge

In August 1898, British General H.H. Kitchener reached Omdurman. The stage was set for the…

  • WWII

Joe Rosenthal: Flag-Raising Photographer

Joe Rosenthal of the Associated Press captured an iconic moment in World War II history…

  • Military History

Red Eclipse: Halting the Communist Drive to Seoul

The massive Chinese offensive in 1951 aimed to destroy the U.S. Eight Army and drive…

  • WWII

Adolf Hitler: Rhetoric’s Overlord of Darkness

Adolf Hitler was a master of oratory, mesmerizing crowds with words and gestures.

  • WWII

Hitler’s Last Offensive: Operation Spring Awakening

In early 1945, the Führer launched his final offensive operation—in Hungary.

  • Military History

First Mission of the U.S. Dragoons

U.S. Dragoons provided a mounted wing of the Army. In 1834, they undertook a dangerous…

  • Civil War

Glory Enough for One Day: Phil Sheridan’s Victory at Cedar Creek

While Union commander Phil Sheridan was in Washington, Confederate soldiers crept over the Massanuteen Mountain…

  • WWII

Fatal Pride at Peleliu

General William Rupertus’s proud 1st Marine Division charged ashore at Peleliu on September 15, 1944,…

  • Military History

Khaki: The First Widespread Military Camouflage

Khaki was the original camouflage after British scouts traded their red coats for dust-colored native…

  • Military History

The War of Jenkins’ Ear

Despite its ridiculous name, the War of Jenkins’ Ear was a deadly serious conflict between…