Month: September 2016

  • Military History

Protestant Heroes of 1622

As Protestant Europe reeled before a Catholic onslaught, three unlikely heroes arose to take up…

  • Military History

William Alexander: Hero of the American Revolution

New York City-born William Alexander served the patriot cause during the Revolution as the “Rebel…

  • WWII

The World’s Best Fed Army

The K Ration fed millions of American troops and refugees during World War II.

  • WWII

Gallantry on the High Seas: Merchant Ship Sacrifices in the Atlantic

The heroics of British Royal Navy armed merchant cruisers Rawalpindi and Jervis Bay were indicative…

  • WWII

The Breaking Point: Combat Stress in WWII

Combat fatigue took its toll on the fighting men during World War II.

  • WWII

Getting the Gliders Off the Ground

The American glider-building program more often resembled a comedy of errors than a serious wartime…

  • Military History

Capturing the Rock: Gibraltar 1704

Admiral Sir George Rooke led a joint English-Dutch assault on the Spanish-held bastion of Gibraltar.…

  • Civil War

The Great Sioux Uprising of 1862

Outraged by corrupt Indian agents and slow-arriving subsidies, Sioux warriors in Minnesota went on a…

  • Military History

The Siege of Paris

French honor dictated that the nation continue fighting as long as the city of Paris…

  • WWII

Korea Under the Rising Sun

Thousands of Koreans were forced to serve in the Japanese Army or provide labor during…