Month: April 2016

  • WWII

France’s Maginot Line

Although the Maginot Line did not prevent a German invasion, it forced Adolf Hitler’s generals…

  • Military Games

Game Reviews: World of Warships

Looking to play rock-paper-scissors with a full naval fleet? As Joseph Luster explains in his…

  • WWII

General Douglas MacArthur’s Navy

General Douglas MacArthur, leader of the allied campaign in the Southwest Pacific, commanded an amphibious…

  • Military History

King Harold and the Battle of Hastings

The Normans make their bid for Saxon England against King Harold in the Battle of…

  • Military History

Professional Soldiers & King Sargon of Akkad’s Expanding Empire

King Sargon of Akkad founded history’s first professional army.

  • Military Games

Game Features: When Killing Adolf Hitler is the Ultimate Endgame

Throughout the ages, game companies have used killing Adolf Hitler as their ultimate plotpoint—sometimes with…

  • WWII

British Commandos Take on German General Erwin Rommel

A daring team of commandos set out to eliminate the biggest obstacle to British fortune,…

  • Civil War

Civil War Generals: William Rosecrans

For Union General William Rosecrans, the pen indeed proved mightier than the sword. Find out…

  • Military History

“Gatling Gun Parker” At the Battle of San Juan Hill

“Gatling Gun Parker” won worldwide fame for his innovative exploits alongside Teddy Roosevelt at the…