Month: January 2016

  • Military History

Greek Fire: The Mysterious Weapon of the Byzantine Empire

In AD 678, outside the storied walls of Constantinople, the Byzantine Empire unleashed its new…

  • WWII

Army Mules: The Beast of Burden in War

Mules served in large numbers with U.S. Army forces during World War II.

  • Military Games

Game Features: Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

Sega puts a nice NH polish on its fan-favorite, alternate-universe World War II strategy game…

  • WWII

Newly Identified Remains from the USS Oklahoma Makes News in Hawaii

The remains of the missing from the USS Oklahoma are still being identified. Read about…

  • Military History

The German Cruiser Konigsberg

The German cruiser 'Konigsberg' fought the British at sea and on land, adding her guns…

  • Civil War

Day One of the Battle of Stones River

When William Rosecrans moved south from Nashville in search of General Braxton Bragg, it set…

  • Military History

The 1396 Battle of the Clans

To end epidemic feuding, Scottish King Robert III hosted the “Battle of the Clans” at…

  • Military History

Philippolis: Roman Disaster on the Western Border

Newly crowned Roman Emperor Decius sought to avenge his son’s death by defeating Goth King…

  • WWII

Hell’s Own Cesspool: Okinawa in WWII

The heavily fortified island of Okinawa would prove to be the last—and toughest—nut to crack…

  • WWII

Colonel Hiromishi Yahara’s Story at Okinawa

Colonel Hiromishi Yahara was third in command of the Japanese defenses on Okinawa. Read all…