Month: December 2015

  • Military Games

Game Reviews: Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers

Kalypso Media takes flight once again with 'Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers,' its newest title for…

  • WWII

The Airborne Infantry “Cricket”: Dime Store Toy Becomes D-Day Legend

Cheap to produce, the airborne infantry 'cricket' was a lifesaver during the D-Day invasions. But…

  • Military History

Weapons of the Middle Ages: the Medieval Catapult

The Medieval Catapult was one of the most fearsome middle age weapons ever produced. Read…

  • Military History

Famous Soldiers: Shih Huang-ti

Shih Huang-ti possessed “the mind of a tiger,” and operated against his opponents with ruthlessness…

  • Military History

Militaria: WWI Helmets from French Troops

The WWI helmets used by the French had a distinctive shape and influenced European armies…

  • Military History

Hills of Hell: The Korean War’s Chosin Reservoir

During the Korean War, waves of Chinese surprised U.S. Marines at the frozen Chosin Reservoir…

  • WWII

WWII Spies: Oreste Pinto

Dutch-born WWII spy Oreste Pinto put his talents to good use by helping to expose…

  • Civil War

Rolling the Dice: Robert E. Lee at Petersburg

Ever the gambler, Robert E. Lee put all his remaining chips into the hands of…

  • Military History

Why Study Military History?

The study of military history frequently puts us in the company of our betters.

  • Military History

Alexander the Great and the Siege of Tyre

With Persian King Darius reeling in defeat in Asia Minor, Alexander the Great turned his…