Month: November 2015

  • WWII

Joseph Stalin’s ‘Leningrad Affair’

In the late 1940s, Joseph Stalin fabricated criminal cases to accuse a number of Communist…

  • WWII

The Daring Calcutta Light Horse Raid

During a clandestine raid, the Calcutta Light Horse silenced a German transmitter in the neutral…

  • WWII

Russo-Japanese Clash at the Battle of Nomonhan

An obscure footnote to World War II, the Battle of Nomonhan in Siberia was a…

  • Military History

The Seminole Indian War

Seminoles lied in wait to ambush U.S. Soldiers on the march through Indian Territory, fueling…

  • Military Games

Game Reviews: Civilians Take Center Stage in This War of Mine

Why is 11 Bit Studios' This War Of Mine so engrossing? Because its phenomenal gameplay…

  • WWII

The Mystery of Slapton Sands: Operation Tiger

Following a surprise attack by German E-boats, Operation Tiger, a D-Day training exercise, ended with…

  • Military History

Byzantine Spies in the Byzantine–Sassanid Wars

Byzantine spies helped to secure battlefield victories and alter enemy strategies in the Empire’s war…

  • Military History

The Culper Spy Ring: The American Revolution’s Great Secret

George Washington Organized the Secretive Culper Spy Ring to Keep Him Informed of British Intentions.

  • Military Museums
  • WWII

The General George Patton Museum of Calvary and Armor

The General George Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor at Fort Knox celebrates the now-famous…

  • Military History

Emperor Constantine the Great

The Great Emperor Constantine’s victory at Milvian Bridge in AD 312 forever changed the path…