Month: October 2015

  • Military History

The Brooklyn Campaign: The Battle of Long Island

America’s Dunkirk may have been a miracle during the Battle of Long Island in August…

  • Military History

New York’s Grenadier Company During the American Revolution

The New York Grenadier Company performed a crucial role during the Brooklyn Campaign.

  • Military Games

Game Features: Shenandoah Studios’ Battle of the Bulge

Shenandoah Studios' Battle of the Bulge delivers campaign-specific strategy while offering a rich attention to…

  • WWII

Operation Cobra: Follow-up to the D-Day Invasion

Seven weeks after the D-Day invasion, the first US Army began a high-risk, high-reward bombing…

  • Military History

The Venerable General Matthew B. Ridgway

Matthew B. Ridgway arrived at the nadir of the Korean War and saved the U.S./UN…

  • Military History

The Battle of Cunaxa and the March of the 10,000

After the Battle of Cunaxam, 10,000 Hoplites began a harsh and punishing march against the…

  • Civil War

The Battle of Tupelo, June – July 1864

In the Battle of Tupelo, Mississippi, The Union won a critical victory over the Rebels,…

  • WWII

Operation Catapult: The Attack on Mers-el-Kébir

When France surrendered in June 1940, a fearful Winston Churchill’s solution was Operation Catapult: an…

  • Military History

Lord Dunmore’s War: The Battle of Point Pleasant

Shawnee Indians and Virginians waged a thunderous and bloody battle at Point Pleasant during the…

  • Military History

Battle of Manila Bay

Commodore Dewey steamed out of Hong Kong for the Philippines, fully prepared to meet the…