Month: September 2015

  • WWII

Joachim Peiper Led His Troops To Safety During Battle Of the Bulge

SS Lt. Col. Joachim Peiper led his surrounded and depleted Kampfgruppe back to German lines…

  • WWII

Erwin Rommel Frustrated By French Foreign Legion At Bir Hacheim

German commander Erwin Rommel was pushing hard toward Cairo, but a remote desert outpost manned…

  • WWII

Operation Jericho Freed Resistance Fighters At Amiens Ahead Of D-Day

Operation Jericho, staged by daring British airmen, freed condemned French Resistance captives from the German…

  • WWII

Galeazzo Ciano’s Diary: The Inside Story of Mussolini’s Government

Hitler quashed the rescue of Count Galeazzo Ciano from Fascist execution, allowing the publication of…

  • WWII

Arctic Disaster – PQ 17 Arctic Convoy

A dance of guesswork and faulty intelligence lead to the greatest one-day allied PQ 17…

  • Military History

The Personal Accounts of Legendary Sergeant Alvin York

In Search of Sergeant Alvin York: The man, The myth, and the legend.

  • Military History

General Frederick Funston

The General Wilson had originally Selected to lead America in World War I was not…

  • WWII

HMS Cornwall

Restricted by Naval treaties, Britain turned in the 1920s and 1930s to cruisers, of which…

  • Civil War

Bushwhackers, Jayhawks, and Red Legs: Missouri’s Guerrilla War

By the time the Civil War began, opposing forces in Bleeding Kansas and Missouri had…

  • Military History

The Battle of Kawanakajima

Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin laid intricate plans leading up to the Battle of Kawanakajima,…