Month: June 2015

  • WWII

Stuka Legend Hans-Ulrich Rudel

Colonel Hans-Ulrich Rudel became a legend flying the tank-busting Stuka.

  • WWII

Medal of Honor Recipient George Mabry

A Veteran of D-Day, the Huertgen Forest, and the Bulge, Medal of Honor recipient Fighting…

  • WWII

The Battle of Ortona: Italy’s Stalingrad

Determined Canadians fought street by street through the Battle of Ortona against elite German paratroopers…

  • Military History

The Last Battle of the Nez Perce War

For five brutally cold days in autumn 1877, the Nez Perce endured a determined siege…

  • Military Games

Game Reviews – Whirlwind Over Vietnam

In Whirlwind Over Vietnam, players are able to experience Huey combat action in the way…

  • WWII

WWII Spies: Morris “Moe” Berg

Although he rarely had a hit, ballplayer Morris "Moe" Berg scored in espionage.

  • WWII

Ordnance: The British PIAT (Projector Infantry Anti-Tank) Gun

The British PIAT (Projector Infantry Anti-Tank) gun was maligned, but effective against enemy armor.

  • WWII

Insight: The Five Sullivan Brothers & The USS Juneau

The five Sullivan brothers made the supreme sacrifice aboard the cruiser USS Juneau off Guadalcanal.

  • WWII

Bruno Mussolini’s Untimely Death

Captain Bruno Mussolini, the son of Italian Fascist strongman Benito Mussolini, lost his life in…

  • WWII

Ordnance: The USS England’s Hedgehog Weapons System

The destroyer escort USS England and the Hedgehog weapons system sank six Japanese submarines in…